Literary Manuscript Consultancy

Literary Manuscript Consultancy is a service that offers authors private consultation about their literary work in the following genres: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Drama and Academic Dissertations and Theses, either prior to them being submitted for publication, or after contraction for publication where revisions are required.

The consultancy provides a close reading and assessment of the manuscript, detailed notes on the work and on the organization of the work, as well as suggestions about how to make the manuscript successful in today’s literary environment.

Kwame Dawes brings years of experience as a writer, editor and teacher to the shaping of manuscripts at various stages of their development. Manuscripts he has worked on have gone on to receive some of the top literary awards in the US and the UK, and he has been instrumental in the shaping of the publishing careers of many well-known and award-winning writers. Dawes has taught numerous writing workshops and has been recognized by various organizations as a key figure in the mentorship of, and editorial work for, poets in the Caribbean, the UK, Africa, Canada and the US. Dawes has also been a judge for many major US prizes including the Neustadt, the National Book Award, the Jackson Prize, Lenore Marshall Prize, the Windham Campbell Award, PEN/Voelcker Prize, and the NEA among others in poetry and literature, and continues to be sought after for his broad knowledge that spans numerous poetic traditions. Over the years, Dawes has been the editor of over two dozen anthologies of varying styles and foci. He has served as series, acquisitions and general editor of several important book series over the years. This has allowed him to develop practical skills in the art and business of editing anthologies and the special issues of literary journals even as he has be-come a much sought after close editor of literary manuscripts.

Dawes has also worked as a general editor for fiction and non-fiction, and for over thirty years has been a prolific playwright, theatre producer and script consultant for the theatre. His plays have been staged around the world including a major run on the West End in the U.K. Having himself authored over thirty-five books in various genres and numerous anthologies, Dawes brings many years of experience to this consultancy.

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Clients are under no obligation to acknowledge the use of Dawes’s services in their publication.

Kwame Dawes reserves the right to decline to work with manuscripts submitted to him for consultancy. In this event there will be no charge.