The Dialogue

We  have been embarked on an on going venture that we believe has produced something rich and significant.  We know this because of what it has meant to us, first of all.  So it has been no leap for us to believe strongly that it will have meaning to others.  This note is part of a conversation relating to our book, Speak from Here to There: Two Poem Cycles. We want to be sure that as many people as possible have a chance to enter into this conversation, and we hope that it might lead to many other conversations.

John lives in Australia and Kwame lives in the US.  We, of course, get around.  And so we are hopeful that we will arrive individually or as a pair in some place you might be.  And if not, at least these poems, we hope will.

These are difficult times throughout the world, and we both feel strongly impassioned to bring some of the ‘issues’ considered in these poems into artistic discourse as a way of hopefully encouraging positive change. Can poetry do this? Maybe, maybe not, but we feel compelled to try.

Kwame Dawes & John Kinsella